Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Magic Money

So yeah Jillian went "Hollywood" and got a personal trainer! Apparently she also now speaks of herself in the third person.
Really, I always looked at people with personal trainers and thought 'wow i wish i had that much money'. But now I have a personal trainer and I sill don't have any money. I am using Magic money to pay for him. You see it is this little plastic rectangle owned by a company that is more than willing to give me oodles of money and all i have to do is pay like twice back later! YAY! I keep telling myself it will be worth it. It will be worth the soreness, it will be worth giving up my favorite pastime of drinking, it will be worth not having mexican food, it will be worth it because i will be smokin hot. Yeah, well i best start seeing some sort of results soon, cause i know myself and how easily i give up on things. Johnny, yep that's the trainer's name, had me take some before pictures of myself last night even though he has been working with me for a week already. Now i know i got a trainer because i have been unhappy with myself for about two years now, but i guess i didn't expect the pictures to look as bad as they did. I kinda just want to wear work out clothes everywhere because at least this way it is a sign to the world like "see i am working on it... i promise". This whole experience has been a bit of a downer and kinda surreal. I mean when i first met the trainer i did something that i never do. I cried in front of a stranger. I was just talking about what i want to fix about myself and there went the water works as soon as i mentioned my legs and how i find them disgusting. What the hell kind of turn did my hormones take when i turned 26 because i have been such a little girl for the past few months. But that aside.... i have 7 more training sessions and 3 and a 1/2 more weeks to go, and it better be worth every cent of my magic money.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


So I have been watching all season of Swingtown and actually really enjoy the show. Jon has a different opinion of the new item on our dvr list. He says that it is just filled with awkward moments strung together to create a soap opera story. I didn't disagree with him but I also didn't realize how right he was until we made a drinking game of the show last night. Now I still like the show, but I went through 3 beers during the hour long show ONLY drinking when there was a truly awkward moment on screen. So I invite you to come experience the awkward moment game with us next weekend.... you game?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


SO....Yesterday was all about what i hate, but apparently i wrote that too early in the day. Example 1- i have now seen the harry potter trailer... and it is going to be bad ass
example 2- i had yet to see the front of my car and that someone had written"fuck you" in the dust o it.

this made me a little hurt. why? who knows it was probably just some idiot neighborhood kid who can no longer loiter on the corner due to the fact business actually opened down there. but still at first i couldn't help but look around and wonder... why? why do you hate me? what did i do? I soon realized that those feelings were ridiculous and then proceeded to get pissed off. I would love o wash the car myself to avoid making someone else feel this pain, but where is there a car wash in my neighborhood that is self serve? there isn't! so now i have to go to a car wash and the person there is going to think i am rude due to some idiot neighborhood kid! that is unless i did piss someone off and they wrote it..... hmmmm

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I feel the earth move under my feet

Okay so I have always been the one that is i kinda want to feel an earthquake. I have lived in LA for 3 years and that had yet to happen until this morning. So I am just cleaning my house and then i hear this crack followed by a loud rumbling... and that's when the floor and walls started moving. It was less than 30 seconds, but it scared the crap out of me. I just stood in a doorway as I watched our Batman figurine try to fly for safety. Unfortunately he ended up crashing and breaking his foot mount. The TV was hopping forward like it was gonna commit harry carry also. So why did i ever want to feel an earthquake? hmm baffles me. Well now I can say I have experienced it and I don't like it!
Here are some more things I don't like (a continuation of an earlier blog)
-feeling itchy..makes me feel like there are bugs everywhere
-the words "we need to talk"
-the way you find sand at home 3 weeks after you have gone to the beach
-the creepy eating baby on the wii
-cat hair
-when a good book doesn't keep going
-when people walk up to a bar and say .."yeah can i have a beer"..not specifying
-waiting for paychecks
-the tree outside my house that makes the evil sharp flowers of death
-the fact my dryer takes 3 cycles to actually dry something
-white walls
-when i can hear people chewing
-inconsiderate parkers
-the word moist
-the fact i have still yet to see the harry potter trailer
.......i suppose that will do for now... although i know that there are plenty of other things out there that really really irk me

Monday, July 14, 2008

I want more of this

So life just took a good turn last week. That call back I got put on hold for worked out and I booked my first all network national commercial for may tag. So i was pretty stoked. Then at the wardrobe fitting i found out that Jason Reitman... the director of Juno and writer/director of Thank you For Smoking is involved in the shoot. So this is a pretty amazing thing. Also he is just a really cool chill dude. I attended his annual hosted party the Hard C School dance this weekend and had a blast. There were a lot of people there but I was on the dance floor all night busting out the best 80s and 90s moves i could manage. So i shoot the commercial tomorrow and could not be more nervous/excited. Today I have an audition for Suzuki, but it wouldn't ever be aired in the US. It would be pretty cool to book though just cause it films over seas.
So yeah things are cool right now.... i just hope that the trend continues an things keep getting better. So keep your fingers crossed.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

what happened to June?

Okay seriously... i think the entire last month just went by while i was sleeping. I know it did exist because i remember working, but as far as seeing friends, that barely happened. There have been a few updates in life. Karie is currently living with Jon and me. We are a little like Three's Company, but Jack actually gets some in this situation. I have been working, and have met a few of my early career goals by playing Jean Harlow and also a dead girl for a crime show. Our fabulous best man Justin came to visit and while he was in town finally decided to commit to a move out here. He and Karie will be moving in together sometime in August. My current obsession is a series or a saga if you will of books called Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and the newest Breaking Dawn. They are gothic/romance/fantasy/AWESOME! I am actually infatuated with a fictional character. Not the boy who will portray him in the film version, although Robert Pattinton is no one to run away from, but the actual written character has stolen my heart. Probably because he is a romantic male figure written by a woman and in no way could possibly exist in the real world. Oh and he is a vampire! That helps. In the past week i have read the first three books of the series and lapped Karie who is also reading them by rereading the first book. I will most likely continue this pattern until the 4th book is released August 2nd. I already have it on hold when the shipment arrives at the Borders around the corner. Also the movie of the first book comes out December 12th and i can guarantee i will be in line with all the 12 year old girl for opening night. Okay so now you see what I mean... I am literally obsessed. I think that Stephanie Meyer, the author, laced the pages of the books with crack. But moving on..... if i can bear it.
Not a lot else is new, I am back in contact with an old first "real" boyfriend to be exact. Although I am sure this contact will be brief as history has proven that to become a pattern in life. He will be going back to the giant sandbox of war and doing prison duty for the next year. So until he is back in the states, ...hopefully for good this time...stupid stop loss, i am sure our communication will return to its usual intervals. Also i am currently on hold/avail for a national commercial for maytag where i would play a trashy jersey gal on the slot machines. I really want this avail to actually turn into something. In the past I have been put on hold so many times i lost count but it never amounted to many bookings. Okay so that wraps up another boring rambling of my current sitch in life. THE END

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Something about Something

So yeah, this has been one hell of a busy week. Last Wednesday Karie moved to town and into Jon and my place. She is staying here by my orders until she tests out LA and finds where she wants to live. So far the roomy situation is fine. It still feels weird, like she is just visiting and that I need to see her as much as possible. But she has a job for the next three weeks working with Jeff at his company and so she will be gone 9-7 every weekday. Along with the Karie move this past weekend LA hosted some of my favorite people for the Out of Bounds West improv festival. I only got to see one evening of shows last Thursday but more important than the shows was getting to see old friends who traveled in from NY and Chicago. I miss the hell out of those people. So things are winding down now. Jon had a heap of car trouble yesterday which ending up costing a pretty penny or maybe a million pennies.. I really don't want to do the math. But thats all fixed and now I can relax. Next week I start work on the new Eddie Murphy movie called "A Thousand Words". I am hoping it isn't a movie in which he plays all the characters but I suppose I wont find out until Monday. I have recently done two videos for my friends at "I am Zumwalt" So if i can figure out how to put them in the blog... I leave you with some fab enertainment.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Rainy Days and Fridays

So it is raining in LA for the 2nd day straight now. At first I was really enjoying the break from sunshine, but it isn't pleasant wrap up in a blanky rain really. It is more of the gloomy just makes me sadsy rain. I want thunder and lightening and for it to rain so hard that it looks like it is raining from the ground. So here I am an hour before I am supposed to be at "work"trying to find the motivation to get dressed. I

Thursday, May 8, 2008

40 year old babies

So yeah... i went down to Central Casting today to register with them so that there are no complications with my work on Mad Men since they are the primary casting agency for the show. I expected the process to be long and silly, and indeed it was. The horrid part of today's experience is that it once again made me hate people. The average age range of people there today was 40, yet when we were instructed to line up behind the green line for registration, people were literally pushing the person next to them over to hurry and try to get in the front of the line. I actually saw a 50 year old man push over a 30 year old woman and she fell to her knees. He just kept trucking and didn't think twice. Seriously... they are background actors how important is what they are doing later in the day that they have to act with such disregard to their neighbors. Not to mention the fact that that man came from a decade where men were supposed to be chivalrous. But why am I surprised? I mean i have been doing background work for almost a year now and it is an incredibly rare thing when you find an older gentleman on a set who would offer their seat to a woman of same age or younger when chairs were lacking. Not since watching Bad Santa have I felt ashamed for being human. Sometimes I truly hate humanity.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Home Again

So Jon ans I flew back into Burbank today from DFW. Our flight was only delayed oh.... and hour. But to hear thunder and see rain... it was so worth it. The Texas trip was wonderful but just too short. We got into town on Thursday around 4 and then my dad and I took Jon to his brother Nathans so they could start the bachelor party. I just went to the rents house and watched the tele all night. Then Friday Ma and i went shopping then met up with pops to go see IRON MAN. This film deserves the oscar for best movie to make me fall in love with Robert Downey jr since Chaplin. Or wait maybe since kiss kiss bang bang. Whatever I am always in love with him. Then I went out for drinks that night with my long lost girlie Danielle. Oh get this my home town is wet now. Rockwall was a dry county the entire time i lived in Texas. If i wanted to get a drink with friends it was either sit at a restaurant bar or go out of town. Well at least i have someplace to go when i am home from now on. While at the bar I ran into my childhood Buddie that i used to play GI JOE vs Barbie with. Barbie always won... she was taller and had larger pectoral muscles. So far this week i had not gotten much sleep and things didn't get better. I drove down to Corsicana Saturday at noon to go to my bro in laws wedding. It was awesome, especially when a 70 ft tree fell on a the we were at right before the bride walked down the aisle. Yeah, that happened. Drinking ensued party was fun blah blah then off to Austin the next morning. Had Lunch with my life partner Amanda and her Hubby Ben. MMMM TRUDY'S. And then the highlight of my trip. I met and held and squeezed the bestest baby i have ever met, my nephew, Kalen Johnston Farley. He is the love of my life right now. I miss my sister so much and i barely got to see her. She had to sleep pretty early on Sunday due to work on Monday so i went to grab a beer at dog and duck with jon, boyd and josh. Then she worked all day monday. I only got to see her for about 5 minutes before i had to drive back to Dallas. When Jon and I were driving away I literally started crying. I am not a crier really so this was odd for me. It just sucks that she is so far away. And that her beautiful baby boy will grow up so much in the months that will pass before i get to see him again. boooo. Other than that emotional realization and breakdown, the trip was great. Once again not really a vacation as much as a run around and try to fit in as much family and friend time as possible and not really sleep week, but it was well worth it. I am sleeping all day tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

YEE HAW or something like that

So tomorrow morning around 9 am Jon and I head toward the airport to fly to Dallas. Jon's eldest bro is getting married this weekend and it has given us a perfect excuse to spend money we really don't have and go back to texas. I will be spending my first 48 hours there soaking up as much mommy daddy time as possible. I haven't seen them since Christmas and I probably won't again until the next Christmas. And of course in the agenda is a trip to see IRON MAN with my dear old pops. He and I kinda have a thing for the superhero film. Then I drive down and meet up with Jon and his family for the wedding in Corsicana. After one night of wedding fun there I am finally going to meet the apple of my sister's eye, her now about 3 month old baby boy Kalen. I am so ready to spoil this kid rotten and squeeze him till he pops. I cant believe I have yet to hold him. I will be babysitting the little guy all day Monday while my sis is at work, then they are going to have to pry him out of my arms so that i can drive back to dallas and fly to LA. So i doubt that there will really be much relaxing happening this week, but it is much needed family time and time away from the hustle and hurry up and wait of LA. So i leave you with a happy list of all the things I iss about texas... mostly austin!

I MISS....
-My family
-Queso, real queso not this queso blanco or that watered down version you find on rare occasion in LA
-humidity, i enjoy being able to drink the air
-how hot your car gets in the minutes it takes you to run into the store for an errand
-the sound of locust
-going for a walk and loosing 5 lbs from sweating
-barton springs
-the smell of wisteria when you walk through the UT campus
-movies that cost 6 dollars
-dollar pints of lonestar
-tex mex
-quarry lake
-how you can leave your windows open and not get an inch of black dust on everything
-real estate prices
-marble falls
-ben the man who cuts my hair for 15 dollars
-jogging around town lake
-water that isn't toxic
-restaurants that actually have dr. pepper
-not having someone ask me where i am from is i happen to say y'all
-hot summer nights
.... and there is so much more i will be reminded of when i get there i am sure

Monday, April 28, 2008

I'll sleep when i am dead

I don't understand that statement. I want to sleep now. This past week didn't provide many opportunities for me to do so. Monday and Wednesday both i was working on Fired UP. This hopefully spoofy cheer leading movie. Tuesday was an interesting day to say the least as I played on of 3 sorority girls at a vampire bar for the new HBO series called True Blood. Then Thursday was Greek until 1am. Oh, lets not forget my lovely 15 hour day on Mad Men Friday. Then Jon had a day time show on Saturday followed by me having to work Saturday night at the bar. Very busy week. I almost walked out of the bar Saturday night and said I wouldn't be back. I guess I feel I just don't make enough money there to have take it when my boss is in a pissy mood. The only reason i have that job is for a little extra cash each week. I don't really need the job and if I have another night like Saturday I won't be working there any more. I actually made decent money mainly due to a 51 $ tip from my favorite customer, but the boss man wasn't in the best of spirits and was taking it out on me. But moving on.... this will be a much better week. I am going to SAG as soon as my hair dries to give them the last dime of my credit card. Then I am taking my car to the shop. Lovely little maintenance required sign popped up on me. But is is all good cause then i have the rest of the day off and I am going to just relax, And do laundry so we can pack for our Texas adventure this weekend.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Heaven in Echo Park

I know I am poop poor, but i have decided it is best to live life to its fullest when i can. I went today for a facial and foot massage at this place called pho siam thai spa and found heaven. It is just south of my house at Glendale and temple in echo park and it was amazing. for 25 dollars you get a reflexology foot massage for 30 minutes. But in reality it was 45 minutes and she not only rubbed my feet and did all that awesome pressure point stuff that hurts so good, but then she cracked my spine back in place and stretched me out in every possible direction. She was my little angel. The facial was awesome too but it was mainly only needed to repair damage from a facial i had 2 weeks ago that did more harm to my skin than good. But I have vowed that as long as I can manage the funding i want to go to this place every weekend and visit my new little thai angel. I don't know your name but you made me cry tears relaxation

Friday, April 18, 2008


So I realize that that last post had a lot of hatred in it. I am not always that negative. Well a lot of the time yes but just to prove I can be a happy person i will make a list of things i like. Maybe I am in a better mood today because I went down to the SAG office today for step two in becoming a member which is handing in proof of work documents. Then I got the good ol roots done. Then I got to watch the Eli Stone episode I missed last night and go on a bike ride. So here is a happy list!

I love....

-hot baths
-boba... seriously those tapioca balls are awesome
-billy joel, scenes from an Italian restaurant is the best song ever written
-green things
-gummi bears
-blankets, i love blankets
-foot rubs, there is something seriously sublime about having my feet squeezed
-boys with accents, they are just cute
-girls with accents..mainly jordana
-camping... i like having an excuse to be dirty
-mini coopers they are just rad
-honey suckle and wisteria those are the best smells ever
-singing in the car at the top of my lungs
-making up conversations for people sitting near me... my version is more interesting than theirs i am sure
-looking up real estate and pretending i have the money to buy a house
-Oahu...i would live there if jon weren't so anti island
- sea turtles

i end it there before i list puppies, kittens, and unicorns and turn into a 7 year old girl wearing pig tails

Thursday, April 17, 2008

swollen lip

So i wake up this morning and my bottom lip is swollen to thrice its normal size. This has just not been the best day. I am absolutely drained from working the past three days. I have never worked out so much on set ever. To top it off i have to go to the bar and work tonight instead of sit at home and enjoy my new Thursday night show Eli Stone. Since it has been a no good terrible very bad day I have decided to make a list off all the things that piss me off. So in no particular order here goes.

I hate......

-when people call me JILL the shortest you take take it is JILLI take note!
-emile hirsch...just because
-people who are always know one day they will snap and kill us all
-credit card debt
-pooping scenes in movies
-stupid people...i had a girl ask me yesterday how peacocks give birth and if i was sure the pretty one was a dude
-people who act like they don't care what people think... we all care and in fact i think you care more than most
-Laura Linney...shes not good i don't care what you say
-Keanu Reeves... see above
-cold nights
-girls who wear jeans they obviously don't fit a bigger size
-girls who cant fill out a pair of a burger, ps i want to be you
-the song soja boy
-those little facial piercings that look like moles..people pay to have those removed usually
-people who want everyone to like them, get over it
-vegans who wear leather shoes
-children b/w the age of 3 and 16. they all smell bad and carry diseases
-ugg boots
-condescending make up artists... i get it, i don't know how to do make up or shape my brows
-pa's on power trips... seriously guys i usually make more than you so shut up
-when people look at you funny because you talk to their dogs
-the people who run up the hard trail at runyon...die already
-the cars that wont go around me when i ride my bike
-being talked to like a child
-my friends who are smaller than me saying they are fat...awesome guys
-dark water...something is down there i just know it
-when people's gums show as they smile
-iced drinks without straws

for now i end it here.... but i reserve the right to add to this list whenever i see fit

Monday, April 14, 2008

when it rains

It pours! And today, i love rain. So as soon as i get that voucher day paycheck i am going to SAG to sign up right? Thats good news and also at 10 pm on Friday i got a call from Sherry at Bill Dance casting. She wants me as a series regular on the show Mad Men. They want me as one of the secretary pool which is great. I know a few girls who were cast in this position first season last year and several of them were bumped to day players. Lets just say that would be awesome. I keep calling Sherry to schedule my fitting but no one is in the office yet. Silly casting directors and sleeping in. Well as I anxiously await that conversation..... I had a very exciting weekend. Other than work. The bar was pretty dead. I made okay money but I am tired of it being okay money. I need it to be awesome money. Sunday I went to a belated happy engagement Jon and Kyla/belated birthday Jillian brunch with my jon and then Jon Hunt and his new fiance Kyla. I love this couple they are adorable. It is exciting that someone is joining the marriage bus too. Come on now Keely and Charity you guys are next right. ha ha the pressure is on. After brunch I went to the ballet to see the complexions troupe do some contemporary ballet. They men were so impressive. it really made me miss having a functioning hamstring. The women weren't as enthralling, but there was one who had the most amazing control and lines. It was nice to get out for a live performance of that level. It has been a while. Then after the ballet I went out to buy a bike. This is very exciting! I have wanted a bike for the past year. It is a red and white cruiser with white wall tires. Now all I need is a basket. Anyone know where I can snag one of those? Although i must admit suddenly after buying mr bike I became Pheobe from friends. I was that girl walking her bike down the street. I know how to ride a bike, but i was scared shitless of all the cars. I rode it out of the target parking garage and as soon as i hit the main street a rush of panic hit me. So i jumped off and walked until i got to a side road that had less traffic. So if you see me have pity. I am afraid of the cars. Hopefully this will pass and i will not have to take the long route soon.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


So as most know i have been working my little tail off for the better part of this past year trying to get my vouchers. And alas it has happened. I got the first in November playing Nick Nolte's date to the Oscars in the soon to be released Tropic Thunder. Then I got my second on the untitled Paramount feature that I am too paranoid to name here about 3 weeks ago. And last evening I walked away from the set of ABC Family's Greek with my third and final needed voucher. All I had to do was play a huge hoe bag from Texas. Man are all the Aggies out there gonna be pissed. It was and interesting night. First they told us to dress sexy, country, trendy, but not slutty. Then we get there and the production assistant had communicated it all wrong. We were supposed to be uuber skanks! I wore a red, lycra, very clingy everywhere it shouldn't be dress with cowboy boots.... my outfit was the most tame. And thats right Aggies... red not maroon... RED! But whatever I would have worn a burlap sack for that glorious sheet of paper. So I should be getting my pay stub around Tuesday and then I am marching my butt down to the SAG offices to sign over my first born. Well not really but it feels that way considering dues are almost 2500 dollars these days. Anyone want to make a donation?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

back to work

So I took a couple of days hiatus to celebrate being old and now I am being sent back to work. Today I am betraying my 4 years of loyalty to UT by playing a Texas A&M girl. I have grown to love what wardrobe describes to us to wear to set. It is always incredibly amusing. For instance this is what is required of me today. I am "playing" a Texan, so of course they want us to "do it up right" with big hair and lots of makeup. Also we have to be hip now and trendy also very sexy but not at all slutty! Okay so I went to college station quite a bit my first few years of school because i had this puppy crush on a guy friend who went to school there. I spent many a weekend hanging out with Aggies. The girls i always saw usually wore jeans and t shirts that had the school logo on them. Even when out at the club/bar, the coffee shop or at the best fried chicken place ever they wore the same thing. But no Hollywood says i need to wear cowboy boots and short skirts. So whatever I am going to assist in keeping the stereotype alive today. I just hope they dont pick something low cut for me because I sunbathed at Charity's pool yesterday and have the most attractive tan/burn line ever around the boobage area.

Monday, April 7, 2008

the day of reckoning

Or maybe just another year. So this time I decided to ring it in with style. Last evening, my birthday twin Kira (we were born the same time of the same day 26 years ago) went up to Jumbos Clown Room for some dancing ladies and one person of questionable sexual orientation. We were so lucky to have the stage blessed with this magnificent creature of cellulite and gonaherpacyphalis as the clock struck 12. Lets just say it was definately memorable. Also I got hit on by a dancing lady. To me thats the same as being hit on by a gay man. Sooo much more flattering. I love my Kira. I remember a time that I hated her because i felt like she was the better version of me. I got over the jealousy and decided to love her for it. There was a time were kira and I couldn't go out in public together without being asked if we were sisters or twins. To be honest it did feel a little parent trap like when we first met, mainly because of personality though. But the years have made us less the same and more the friends. Today miss Kira and I are going to a spa in los feliz for some old lady pampering. We are getting facials and massages! woo. I have never had a facial before so this should be exciting. The massage is much needed and I am sure it will be fabulous considering I couldn't understand a word the lady said on the phone when I made my appointment. No offense to any ethnicity, but if your accent is strong I usually find your hands strong too! White girls give bad massages... unless they are german those ladies have huge hands!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

There is a first for everything

Well this isn't my first blog. I in the past have created and abandoned several blogs. Okay well at least 2. So lets hope that this will actually last longer than a week before i get bored. This will not be a blog that will constantly entertain you, but I hope it does occasionally. Mainly I just need a place to put down my daily or weekly thought however they need to come out.
So here goes. When did I become such an old broad? At midnight i regretfully and turning 26. I had a bday bbq last night at my place and remember very little of it. I had no hangover when i woke up which i am thankful for, but why do I remember so little of the night. I know I had fun. I remember everyone who came. I am just hoping i wasn't making a complete ass of myself. At one point i must have begun to skate around my house because i woke up and my roller skates were on the floor in my bedroom. Also my wonderful photographer friend Charlie posted an array of pictures from the festivities on his flicker account that filled me in on a bit of the night. I wish some of the pictures didn't exist as they are not the most flattering images of yours truly. But again i know i had fun. It was an interesting mix of people also. I guess i never realized what a different world i am in now that i do background work. i have all my old tried and true pals and now i have all these great people i meet on set. I wish i could remember how they got along with each other. Well the celebration continues and tonight i will be hotting and hollering at jumbos clown room. i have never been here and it should be an interesting night!!!