Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time to Deal

I guess I haven't done the best job in the world keeping up with my blog. But considering I began a joint effort Blog yesterday it reminded me i had abandoned this one and it is high time I get back to it.
There have been many life changes in the past 5 months. The largest of which is the fact that my marriage dissolved. What a horrible way to put it. My ex husband is one of the best guys I know, but unfortunately it just wasn't right. So here I am single-ish in LA. I am 28 years old and have no idea what it is like to be alone. So what have I don't for the past couple of months to deal? Nothing. I think I was going through stage 1 --denial. I basically kept myself so busy with friends and outings that I was unable to think about anything. But now it is time. Time to deal.
I came to this startling realization because my body decided to go on strike. I guess I thought I was handling everything. Emotionally I felt fine, mentally I felt fine. Then I got a "stomach virus" which turned out to be bleeding ulcers, which caused an infection and led to the first stages of a kidney infection. My doctor told me that I needed to chill the eff out because the cause was stress.
So I am chilling, or trying to rather. I have a new roomy fresh to LA. Mattye and I went to college together and she is in LA for the summer taking acting classes so it was kind of the perfect situation. I am still training once a week. I just booked another commercial, where get this... i speak spanish! and I am currently interning at my agency Daniel Hoff on fridays.
The chilling out process has begun though. So yeah... here I am. Keeping busy, but not too busy to deal.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

We may be a week in to 2010, but i am still washing my hands clean of the crap-train that was 2009. In all honesty, career wise it wasn't that horrid for me. As seen in my year in review in a previous post I did a regional lottery commercial for Arizona, A bud Light National, some print gigs, and one crap horror film redeemed by one legit Sony film. I ended the year by filming a KFC spot as well. I start 2010 with hopes that i can continue to work regularly and quit my lame-o job at the gym. January is showing promise so far. On the 19th of this month I will be flying to Cape Town South Africa to film a Kohl's commercial. But on the other hand I had the world's worst audition today. It was for my all time favorite casting director Michael Sanford. I flubbed lines had a memory lapse and was just all and all uncomfortable. It was like I regressed 10 years when I walked into the room. Hopefully that was a one time occurrence.
Earlier this week I told my boss at the gym that i despised walking through those doors to go to work. That went well. So universe I am putting it out there.... I at my black eyed peas and cabbage. So I best be seeing some luck and money this year. Not that I am threatening you universe. I wouldn't dare do that! I swear! But please... have mercy

Sunday, November 15, 2009

just the begining

I have now been in LA for almost 5 years. This is so frightening to realize. I feel like i haven't accomplished anything. Now I know this isn't true. I have worked a lot, but I could have done so much more! So now I set myself a goal. AGAIN! I am starting classes with Brian Reise on Wednesday and my goal is that by the end of my first month with him I will be recommended to and signed with a manager and theatrical agent. I am putting this in writing because maybe that's what it takes. So with the interwebs as my witness this will happen!

Monday, November 9, 2009

A year since my last post. wow... really? Is my life this unextraordinary? (And yes i am aware that isn't a word). I don't believe anyone actually even reads this. My husband hasn't written in his blog in over a year either. Amanda... you may be my only hope of an audience. So i suppose i treat it as a journal?
This year as quickly as it has passed has been very full. Here is my YEAR IN REVIEW!
JANUARY! - Karie's birthday and me studying for my personal trainer certification. Also we went back to Austin for Jon and Kyla's wedding
FEBRUARY!- I signed with a new agency Daniel Hoff in February and spent a lot of time meeting with him and getting the ball rolling so i could start the audition process
MARCH!- booked my 3rd audition Danny sent me on. I am now totally famous! Arizona.... It was a lotto commercial. I also that same month began being a personal trainer at the 24hr fitness in Hollywood. I dove head first into this job and burnt out very quickly.
APRIL! - My birthday, we had a party at the house
MAY! - We were unable to go back to TX for Ben's wedding. Both of us were very saddened by this
JUNE!- I finished filming the horror movie"The Devil You Know" Super indie project with super NO pay. Deferred... meaning if the movie makes money... then i make money. Guess what! I won't be making money.
JULY!- I booked my first feature "EASY A" it stars Emma Stone. i only had like 2 lines, but it was very fun. Cousin Mike was the DP... so nepotism may have played a part in my getting in the audition room. Sadly before i went in to film I had to go back to TX. Grandmother Nell passed away and while I was back Grandaddy Nell passed as well. We ended up having a combined service. Looking back it truly was the ultimate romantic gesture. The day after i returned to CA I drove to Ojai to film for the day. I was on set until 1 am then had to wake up and leave the hotel to drive back to LA for an audition the next day. Which takes us to...
AUGUST!- I booked the audition. It was for Axe and Walmart... a lame us but completely amusing video game on their website. I also booked a Verizon Print add that Month and Jon and I moved into a new place in Hollywood just a mile from the gym. The 1st of this month i also had a sprained ankle which held me back at work quite a bit... so thank god i booked those jobs. We had Jon's bday party at the new place and had a really great time.
SEPTEMBER!- I booked a national commercial for Bud Light Golden Wheat. It was a lot of fun to film and it is already airing. I hope to be getting a residual check very soon.
OCTOBER! - This month was filled with a lot of fun. Halloween of course was a 2 week ordeal
NOVEMBER---- SO here we are. it is almost the end of the year and it feels like it just began. Although looking back i have come miles since the beginning on the yr. I have gotten close with many new unexpected people and couldn't be more thankful. I am currently picking up a lot of business at the gym and also diving into classes and getting representation.
Only one month left in the year. We will be going home for christmas and I can't wait to see the family!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Magic Money

So yeah Jillian went "Hollywood" and got a personal trainer! Apparently she also now speaks of herself in the third person.
Really, I always looked at people with personal trainers and thought 'wow i wish i had that much money'. But now I have a personal trainer and I sill don't have any money. I am using Magic money to pay for him. You see it is this little plastic rectangle owned by a company that is more than willing to give me oodles of money and all i have to do is pay like twice back later! YAY! I keep telling myself it will be worth it. It will be worth the soreness, it will be worth giving up my favorite pastime of drinking, it will be worth not having mexican food, it will be worth it because i will be smokin hot. Yeah, well i best start seeing some sort of results soon, cause i know myself and how easily i give up on things. Johnny, yep that's the trainer's name, had me take some before pictures of myself last night even though he has been working with me for a week already. Now i know i got a trainer because i have been unhappy with myself for about two years now, but i guess i didn't expect the pictures to look as bad as they did. I kinda just want to wear work out clothes everywhere because at least this way it is a sign to the world like "see i am working on it... i promise". This whole experience has been a bit of a downer and kinda surreal. I mean when i first met the trainer i did something that i never do. I cried in front of a stranger. I was just talking about what i want to fix about myself and there went the water works as soon as i mentioned my legs and how i find them disgusting. What the hell kind of turn did my hormones take when i turned 26 because i have been such a little girl for the past few months. But that aside.... i have 7 more training sessions and 3 and a 1/2 more weeks to go, and it better be worth every cent of my magic money.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


So I have been watching all season of Swingtown and actually really enjoy the show. Jon has a different opinion of the new item on our dvr list. He says that it is just filled with awkward moments strung together to create a soap opera story. I didn't disagree with him but I also didn't realize how right he was until we made a drinking game of the show last night. Now I still like the show, but I went through 3 beers during the hour long show ONLY drinking when there was a truly awkward moment on screen. So I invite you to come experience the awkward moment game with us next weekend.... you game?