Monday, April 7, 2008

the day of reckoning

Or maybe just another year. So this time I decided to ring it in with style. Last evening, my birthday twin Kira (we were born the same time of the same day 26 years ago) went up to Jumbos Clown Room for some dancing ladies and one person of questionable sexual orientation. We were so lucky to have the stage blessed with this magnificent creature of cellulite and gonaherpacyphalis as the clock struck 12. Lets just say it was definately memorable. Also I got hit on by a dancing lady. To me thats the same as being hit on by a gay man. Sooo much more flattering. I love my Kira. I remember a time that I hated her because i felt like she was the better version of me. I got over the jealousy and decided to love her for it. There was a time were kira and I couldn't go out in public together without being asked if we were sisters or twins. To be honest it did feel a little parent trap like when we first met, mainly because of personality though. But the years have made us less the same and more the friends. Today miss Kira and I are going to a spa in los feliz for some old lady pampering. We are getting facials and massages! woo. I have never had a facial before so this should be exciting. The massage is much needed and I am sure it will be fabulous considering I couldn't understand a word the lady said on the phone when I made my appointment. No offense to any ethnicity, but if your accent is strong I usually find your hands strong too! White girls give bad massages... unless they are german those ladies have huge hands!

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A-Bla said...

German girls do have strong hands... and arms. I arm wrestled one over the Christmas holidays at an all inclusive vacay (which gave me serious confidence). She kicked my ass, but in a lovely accent :)