Monday, July 14, 2008

I want more of this

So life just took a good turn last week. That call back I got put on hold for worked out and I booked my first all network national commercial for may tag. So i was pretty stoked. Then at the wardrobe fitting i found out that Jason Reitman... the director of Juno and writer/director of Thank you For Smoking is involved in the shoot. So this is a pretty amazing thing. Also he is just a really cool chill dude. I attended his annual hosted party the Hard C School dance this weekend and had a blast. There were a lot of people there but I was on the dance floor all night busting out the best 80s and 90s moves i could manage. So i shoot the commercial tomorrow and could not be more nervous/excited. Today I have an audition for Suzuki, but it wouldn't ever be aired in the US. It would be pretty cool to book though just cause it films over seas.
So yeah things are cool right now.... i just hope that the trend continues an things keep getting better. So keep your fingers crossed.

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Keely said...

They are crossed so hard they are turning blue. Congratulations lady!