Thursday, May 8, 2008

40 year old babies

So yeah... i went down to Central Casting today to register with them so that there are no complications with my work on Mad Men since they are the primary casting agency for the show. I expected the process to be long and silly, and indeed it was. The horrid part of today's experience is that it once again made me hate people. The average age range of people there today was 40, yet when we were instructed to line up behind the green line for registration, people were literally pushing the person next to them over to hurry and try to get in the front of the line. I actually saw a 50 year old man push over a 30 year old woman and she fell to her knees. He just kept trucking and didn't think twice. Seriously... they are background actors how important is what they are doing later in the day that they have to act with such disregard to their neighbors. Not to mention the fact that that man came from a decade where men were supposed to be chivalrous. But why am I surprised? I mean i have been doing background work for almost a year now and it is an incredibly rare thing when you find an older gentleman on a set who would offer their seat to a woman of same age or younger when chairs were lacking. Not since watching Bad Santa have I felt ashamed for being human. Sometimes I truly hate humanity.

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