Thursday, April 17, 2008

swollen lip

So i wake up this morning and my bottom lip is swollen to thrice its normal size. This has just not been the best day. I am absolutely drained from working the past three days. I have never worked out so much on set ever. To top it off i have to go to the bar and work tonight instead of sit at home and enjoy my new Thursday night show Eli Stone. Since it has been a no good terrible very bad day I have decided to make a list off all the things that piss me off. So in no particular order here goes.

I hate......

-when people call me JILL the shortest you take take it is JILLI take note!
-emile hirsch...just because
-people who are always know one day they will snap and kill us all
-credit card debt
-pooping scenes in movies
-stupid people...i had a girl ask me yesterday how peacocks give birth and if i was sure the pretty one was a dude
-people who act like they don't care what people think... we all care and in fact i think you care more than most
-Laura Linney...shes not good i don't care what you say
-Keanu Reeves... see above
-cold nights
-girls who wear jeans they obviously don't fit a bigger size
-girls who cant fill out a pair of a burger, ps i want to be you
-the song soja boy
-those little facial piercings that look like moles..people pay to have those removed usually
-people who want everyone to like them, get over it
-vegans who wear leather shoes
-children b/w the age of 3 and 16. they all smell bad and carry diseases
-ugg boots
-condescending make up artists... i get it, i don't know how to do make up or shape my brows
-pa's on power trips... seriously guys i usually make more than you so shut up
-when people look at you funny because you talk to their dogs
-the people who run up the hard trail at runyon...die already
-the cars that wont go around me when i ride my bike
-being talked to like a child
-my friends who are smaller than me saying they are fat...awesome guys
-dark water...something is down there i just know it
-when people's gums show as they smile
-iced drinks without straws

for now i end it here.... but i reserve the right to add to this list whenever i see fit


Anonymous said...

word of advice for when you do watch Eli Stone: don't wear eye make up. and keep your fingers crossed for a second season.

and Laura Linney is awesome. :p

that is all.

A-Bla said...

I also hate wire hangers. They really piss me off. I also think that stupidity should be painful. I also don't like people who wake up in the mornings and look pretty. PS. I hate you. I also hate skinny people. In general.

Jon Morrow said...

hey, it's like MY list. Yours seems angrier though. I like it.