Wednesday, July 30, 2008


SO....Yesterday was all about what i hate, but apparently i wrote that too early in the day. Example 1- i have now seen the harry potter trailer... and it is going to be bad ass
example 2- i had yet to see the front of my car and that someone had written"fuck you" in the dust o it.

this made me a little hurt. why? who knows it was probably just some idiot neighborhood kid who can no longer loiter on the corner due to the fact business actually opened down there. but still at first i couldn't help but look around and wonder... why? why do you hate me? what did i do? I soon realized that those feelings were ridiculous and then proceeded to get pissed off. I would love o wash the car myself to avoid making someone else feel this pain, but where is there a car wash in my neighborhood that is self serve? there isn't! so now i have to go to a car wash and the person there is going to think i am rude due to some idiot neighborhood kid! that is unless i did piss someone off and they wrote it..... hmmmm

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