Sunday, April 6, 2008

There is a first for everything

Well this isn't my first blog. I in the past have created and abandoned several blogs. Okay well at least 2. So lets hope that this will actually last longer than a week before i get bored. This will not be a blog that will constantly entertain you, but I hope it does occasionally. Mainly I just need a place to put down my daily or weekly thought however they need to come out.
So here goes. When did I become such an old broad? At midnight i regretfully and turning 26. I had a bday bbq last night at my place and remember very little of it. I had no hangover when i woke up which i am thankful for, but why do I remember so little of the night. I know I had fun. I remember everyone who came. I am just hoping i wasn't making a complete ass of myself. At one point i must have begun to skate around my house because i woke up and my roller skates were on the floor in my bedroom. Also my wonderful photographer friend Charlie posted an array of pictures from the festivities on his flicker account that filled me in on a bit of the night. I wish some of the pictures didn't exist as they are not the most flattering images of yours truly. But again i know i had fun. It was an interesting mix of people also. I guess i never realized what a different world i am in now that i do background work. i have all my old tried and true pals and now i have all these great people i meet on set. I wish i could remember how they got along with each other. Well the celebration continues and tonight i will be hotting and hollering at jumbos clown room. i have never been here and it should be an interesting night!!!

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