Monday, April 28, 2008

I'll sleep when i am dead

I don't understand that statement. I want to sleep now. This past week didn't provide many opportunities for me to do so. Monday and Wednesday both i was working on Fired UP. This hopefully spoofy cheer leading movie. Tuesday was an interesting day to say the least as I played on of 3 sorority girls at a vampire bar for the new HBO series called True Blood. Then Thursday was Greek until 1am. Oh, lets not forget my lovely 15 hour day on Mad Men Friday. Then Jon had a day time show on Saturday followed by me having to work Saturday night at the bar. Very busy week. I almost walked out of the bar Saturday night and said I wouldn't be back. I guess I feel I just don't make enough money there to have take it when my boss is in a pissy mood. The only reason i have that job is for a little extra cash each week. I don't really need the job and if I have another night like Saturday I won't be working there any more. I actually made decent money mainly due to a 51 $ tip from my favorite customer, but the boss man wasn't in the best of spirits and was taking it out on me. But moving on.... this will be a much better week. I am going to SAG as soon as my hair dries to give them the last dime of my credit card. Then I am taking my car to the shop. Lovely little maintenance required sign popped up on me. But is is all good cause then i have the rest of the day off and I am going to just relax, And do laundry so we can pack for our Texas adventure this weekend.

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Keely said...

If you are exhausted then it means you are doing something right...or atleast that is what I keep telling myself. Enjoy your day of rest sweetie. =)