Wednesday, April 9, 2008

back to work

So I took a couple of days hiatus to celebrate being old and now I am being sent back to work. Today I am betraying my 4 years of loyalty to UT by playing a Texas A&M girl. I have grown to love what wardrobe describes to us to wear to set. It is always incredibly amusing. For instance this is what is required of me today. I am "playing" a Texan, so of course they want us to "do it up right" with big hair and lots of makeup. Also we have to be hip now and trendy also very sexy but not at all slutty! Okay so I went to college station quite a bit my first few years of school because i had this puppy crush on a guy friend who went to school there. I spent many a weekend hanging out with Aggies. The girls i always saw usually wore jeans and t shirts that had the school logo on them. Even when out at the club/bar, the coffee shop or at the best fried chicken place ever they wore the same thing. But no Hollywood says i need to wear cowboy boots and short skirts. So whatever I am going to assist in keeping the stereotype alive today. I just hope they dont pick something low cut for me because I sunbathed at Charity's pool yesterday and have the most attractive tan/burn line ever around the boobage area.

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Jon Morrow said...

huh huh, you said, "boobage area"