Monday, April 14, 2008

when it rains

It pours! And today, i love rain. So as soon as i get that voucher day paycheck i am going to SAG to sign up right? Thats good news and also at 10 pm on Friday i got a call from Sherry at Bill Dance casting. She wants me as a series regular on the show Mad Men. They want me as one of the secretary pool which is great. I know a few girls who were cast in this position first season last year and several of them were bumped to day players. Lets just say that would be awesome. I keep calling Sherry to schedule my fitting but no one is in the office yet. Silly casting directors and sleeping in. Well as I anxiously await that conversation..... I had a very exciting weekend. Other than work. The bar was pretty dead. I made okay money but I am tired of it being okay money. I need it to be awesome money. Sunday I went to a belated happy engagement Jon and Kyla/belated birthday Jillian brunch with my jon and then Jon Hunt and his new fiance Kyla. I love this couple they are adorable. It is exciting that someone is joining the marriage bus too. Come on now Keely and Charity you guys are next right. ha ha the pressure is on. After brunch I went to the ballet to see the complexions troupe do some contemporary ballet. They men were so impressive. it really made me miss having a functioning hamstring. The women weren't as enthralling, but there was one who had the most amazing control and lines. It was nice to get out for a live performance of that level. It has been a while. Then after the ballet I went out to buy a bike. This is very exciting! I have wanted a bike for the past year. It is a red and white cruiser with white wall tires. Now all I need is a basket. Anyone know where I can snag one of those? Although i must admit suddenly after buying mr bike I became Pheobe from friends. I was that girl walking her bike down the street. I know how to ride a bike, but i was scared shitless of all the cars. I rode it out of the target parking garage and as soon as i hit the main street a rush of panic hit me. So i jumped off and walked until i got to a side road that had less traffic. So if you see me have pity. I am afraid of the cars. Hopefully this will pass and i will not have to take the long route soon.

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