Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I feel the earth move under my feet

Okay so I have always been the one that is like...man i kinda want to feel an earthquake. I have lived in LA for 3 years and that had yet to happen until this morning. So I am just cleaning my house and then i hear this crack followed by a loud rumbling... and that's when the floor and walls started moving. It was less than 30 seconds, but it scared the crap out of me. I just stood in a doorway as I watched our Batman figurine try to fly for safety. Unfortunately he ended up crashing and breaking his foot mount. The TV was hopping forward like it was gonna commit harry carry also. So why did i ever want to feel an earthquake? hmm baffles me. Well now I can say I have experienced it and I don't like it!
Here are some more things I don't like (a continuation of an earlier blog)
-feeling itchy..makes me feel like there are bugs everywhere
-the words "we need to talk"
-the way you find sand at home 3 weeks after you have gone to the beach
-the creepy eating baby on the wii
-cat hair
-when a good book doesn't keep going
-when people walk up to a bar and say .."yeah can i have a beer"..not specifying
-waiting for paychecks
-the tree outside my house that makes the evil sharp flowers of death
-the fact my dryer takes 3 cycles to actually dry something
-white walls
-when i can hear people chewing
-inconsiderate parkers
-the word moist
-the fact i have still yet to see the harry potter trailer
.......i suppose that will do for now... although i know that there are plenty of other things out there that really really irk me


Scott said...

no, that quake felt good. i hit the wall and almost fell over in the urinal. that sense of smallness is special.

A-Bla said...

I enjoy your rants.