Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time to Deal

I guess I haven't done the best job in the world keeping up with my blog. But considering I began a joint effort Blog yesterday it reminded me i had abandoned this one and it is high time I get back to it.
There have been many life changes in the past 5 months. The largest of which is the fact that my marriage dissolved. What a horrible way to put it. My ex husband is one of the best guys I know, but unfortunately it just wasn't right. So here I am single-ish in LA. I am 28 years old and have no idea what it is like to be alone. So what have I don't for the past couple of months to deal? Nothing. I think I was going through stage 1 --denial. I basically kept myself so busy with friends and outings that I was unable to think about anything. But now it is time. Time to deal.
I came to this startling realization because my body decided to go on strike. I guess I thought I was handling everything. Emotionally I felt fine, mentally I felt fine. Then I got a "stomach virus" which turned out to be bleeding ulcers, which caused an infection and led to the first stages of a kidney infection. My doctor told me that I needed to chill the eff out because the cause was stress.
So I am chilling, or trying to rather. I have a new roomy fresh to LA. Mattye and I went to college together and she is in LA for the summer taking acting classes so it was kind of the perfect situation. I am still training once a week. I just booked another commercial, where get this... i speak spanish! and I am currently interning at my agency Daniel Hoff on fridays.
The chilling out process has begun though. So yeah... here I am. Keeping busy, but not too busy to deal.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

We may be a week in to 2010, but i am still washing my hands clean of the crap-train that was 2009. In all honesty, career wise it wasn't that horrid for me. As seen in my year in review in a previous post I did a regional lottery commercial for Arizona, A bud Light National, some print gigs, and one crap horror film redeemed by one legit Sony film. I ended the year by filming a KFC spot as well. I start 2010 with hopes that i can continue to work regularly and quit my lame-o job at the gym. January is showing promise so far. On the 19th of this month I will be flying to Cape Town South Africa to film a Kohl's commercial. But on the other hand I had the world's worst audition today. It was for my all time favorite casting director Michael Sanford. I flubbed lines had a memory lapse and was just all and all uncomfortable. It was like I regressed 10 years when I walked into the room. Hopefully that was a one time occurrence.
Earlier this week I told my boss at the gym that i despised walking through those doors to go to work. That went well. So universe I am putting it out there.... I at my black eyed peas and cabbage. So I best be seeing some luck and money this year. Not that I am threatening you universe. I wouldn't dare do that! I swear! But please... have mercy