Thursday, May 29, 2008

Something about Something

So yeah, this has been one hell of a busy week. Last Wednesday Karie moved to town and into Jon and my place. She is staying here by my orders until she tests out LA and finds where she wants to live. So far the roomy situation is fine. It still feels weird, like she is just visiting and that I need to see her as much as possible. But she has a job for the next three weeks working with Jeff at his company and so she will be gone 9-7 every weekday. Along with the Karie move this past weekend LA hosted some of my favorite people for the Out of Bounds West improv festival. I only got to see one evening of shows last Thursday but more important than the shows was getting to see old friends who traveled in from NY and Chicago. I miss the hell out of those people. So things are winding down now. Jon had a heap of car trouble yesterday which ending up costing a pretty penny or maybe a million pennies.. I really don't want to do the math. But thats all fixed and now I can relax. Next week I start work on the new Eddie Murphy movie called "A Thousand Words". I am hoping it isn't a movie in which he plays all the characters but I suppose I wont find out until Monday. I have recently done two videos for my friends at "I am Zumwalt" So if i can figure out how to put them in the blog... I leave you with some fab enertainment.

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