Wednesday, July 30, 2008


SO....Yesterday was all about what i hate, but apparently i wrote that too early in the day. Example 1- i have now seen the harry potter trailer... and it is going to be bad ass
example 2- i had yet to see the front of my car and that someone had written"fuck you" in the dust o it.

this made me a little hurt. why? who knows it was probably just some idiot neighborhood kid who can no longer loiter on the corner due to the fact business actually opened down there. but still at first i couldn't help but look around and wonder... why? why do you hate me? what did i do? I soon realized that those feelings were ridiculous and then proceeded to get pissed off. I would love o wash the car myself to avoid making someone else feel this pain, but where is there a car wash in my neighborhood that is self serve? there isn't! so now i have to go to a car wash and the person there is going to think i am rude due to some idiot neighborhood kid! that is unless i did piss someone off and they wrote it..... hmmmm

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I feel the earth move under my feet

Okay so I have always been the one that is i kinda want to feel an earthquake. I have lived in LA for 3 years and that had yet to happen until this morning. So I am just cleaning my house and then i hear this crack followed by a loud rumbling... and that's when the floor and walls started moving. It was less than 30 seconds, but it scared the crap out of me. I just stood in a doorway as I watched our Batman figurine try to fly for safety. Unfortunately he ended up crashing and breaking his foot mount. The TV was hopping forward like it was gonna commit harry carry also. So why did i ever want to feel an earthquake? hmm baffles me. Well now I can say I have experienced it and I don't like it!
Here are some more things I don't like (a continuation of an earlier blog)
-feeling itchy..makes me feel like there are bugs everywhere
-the words "we need to talk"
-the way you find sand at home 3 weeks after you have gone to the beach
-the creepy eating baby on the wii
-cat hair
-when a good book doesn't keep going
-when people walk up to a bar and say .."yeah can i have a beer"..not specifying
-waiting for paychecks
-the tree outside my house that makes the evil sharp flowers of death
-the fact my dryer takes 3 cycles to actually dry something
-white walls
-when i can hear people chewing
-inconsiderate parkers
-the word moist
-the fact i have still yet to see the harry potter trailer
.......i suppose that will do for now... although i know that there are plenty of other things out there that really really irk me

Monday, July 14, 2008

I want more of this

So life just took a good turn last week. That call back I got put on hold for worked out and I booked my first all network national commercial for may tag. So i was pretty stoked. Then at the wardrobe fitting i found out that Jason Reitman... the director of Juno and writer/director of Thank you For Smoking is involved in the shoot. So this is a pretty amazing thing. Also he is just a really cool chill dude. I attended his annual hosted party the Hard C School dance this weekend and had a blast. There were a lot of people there but I was on the dance floor all night busting out the best 80s and 90s moves i could manage. So i shoot the commercial tomorrow and could not be more nervous/excited. Today I have an audition for Suzuki, but it wouldn't ever be aired in the US. It would be pretty cool to book though just cause it films over seas.
So yeah things are cool right now.... i just hope that the trend continues an things keep getting better. So keep your fingers crossed.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

what happened to June?

Okay seriously... i think the entire last month just went by while i was sleeping. I know it did exist because i remember working, but as far as seeing friends, that barely happened. There have been a few updates in life. Karie is currently living with Jon and me. We are a little like Three's Company, but Jack actually gets some in this situation. I have been working, and have met a few of my early career goals by playing Jean Harlow and also a dead girl for a crime show. Our fabulous best man Justin came to visit and while he was in town finally decided to commit to a move out here. He and Karie will be moving in together sometime in August. My current obsession is a series or a saga if you will of books called Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and the newest Breaking Dawn. They are gothic/romance/fantasy/AWESOME! I am actually infatuated with a fictional character. Not the boy who will portray him in the film version, although Robert Pattinton is no one to run away from, but the actual written character has stolen my heart. Probably because he is a romantic male figure written by a woman and in no way could possibly exist in the real world. Oh and he is a vampire! That helps. In the past week i have read the first three books of the series and lapped Karie who is also reading them by rereading the first book. I will most likely continue this pattern until the 4th book is released August 2nd. I already have it on hold when the shipment arrives at the Borders around the corner. Also the movie of the first book comes out December 12th and i can guarantee i will be in line with all the 12 year old girl for opening night. Okay so now you see what I mean... I am literally obsessed. I think that Stephanie Meyer, the author, laced the pages of the books with crack. But moving on..... if i can bear it.
Not a lot else is new, I am back in contact with an old first "real" boyfriend to be exact. Although I am sure this contact will be brief as history has proven that to become a pattern in life. He will be going back to the giant sandbox of war and doing prison duty for the next year. So until he is back in the states, ...hopefully for good this time...stupid stop loss, i am sure our communication will return to its usual intervals. Also i am currently on hold/avail for a national commercial for maytag where i would play a trashy jersey gal on the slot machines. I really want this avail to actually turn into something. In the past I have been put on hold so many times i lost count but it never amounted to many bookings. Okay so that wraps up another boring rambling of my current sitch in life. THE END