Thursday, May 29, 2008

Something about Something

So yeah, this has been one hell of a busy week. Last Wednesday Karie moved to town and into Jon and my place. She is staying here by my orders until she tests out LA and finds where she wants to live. So far the roomy situation is fine. It still feels weird, like she is just visiting and that I need to see her as much as possible. But she has a job for the next three weeks working with Jeff at his company and so she will be gone 9-7 every weekday. Along with the Karie move this past weekend LA hosted some of my favorite people for the Out of Bounds West improv festival. I only got to see one evening of shows last Thursday but more important than the shows was getting to see old friends who traveled in from NY and Chicago. I miss the hell out of those people. So things are winding down now. Jon had a heap of car trouble yesterday which ending up costing a pretty penny or maybe a million pennies.. I really don't want to do the math. But thats all fixed and now I can relax. Next week I start work on the new Eddie Murphy movie called "A Thousand Words". I am hoping it isn't a movie in which he plays all the characters but I suppose I wont find out until Monday. I have recently done two videos for my friends at "I am Zumwalt" So if i can figure out how to put them in the blog... I leave you with some fab enertainment.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Rainy Days and Fridays

So it is raining in LA for the 2nd day straight now. At first I was really enjoying the break from sunshine, but it isn't pleasant wrap up in a blanky rain really. It is more of the gloomy just makes me sadsy rain. I want thunder and lightening and for it to rain so hard that it looks like it is raining from the ground. So here I am an hour before I am supposed to be at "work"trying to find the motivation to get dressed. I

Thursday, May 8, 2008

40 year old babies

So yeah... i went down to Central Casting today to register with them so that there are no complications with my work on Mad Men since they are the primary casting agency for the show. I expected the process to be long and silly, and indeed it was. The horrid part of today's experience is that it once again made me hate people. The average age range of people there today was 40, yet when we were instructed to line up behind the green line for registration, people were literally pushing the person next to them over to hurry and try to get in the front of the line. I actually saw a 50 year old man push over a 30 year old woman and she fell to her knees. He just kept trucking and didn't think twice. Seriously... they are background actors how important is what they are doing later in the day that they have to act with such disregard to their neighbors. Not to mention the fact that that man came from a decade where men were supposed to be chivalrous. But why am I surprised? I mean i have been doing background work for almost a year now and it is an incredibly rare thing when you find an older gentleman on a set who would offer their seat to a woman of same age or younger when chairs were lacking. Not since watching Bad Santa have I felt ashamed for being human. Sometimes I truly hate humanity.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Home Again

So Jon ans I flew back into Burbank today from DFW. Our flight was only delayed oh.... and hour. But to hear thunder and see rain... it was so worth it. The Texas trip was wonderful but just too short. We got into town on Thursday around 4 and then my dad and I took Jon to his brother Nathans so they could start the bachelor party. I just went to the rents house and watched the tele all night. Then Friday Ma and i went shopping then met up with pops to go see IRON MAN. This film deserves the oscar for best movie to make me fall in love with Robert Downey jr since Chaplin. Or wait maybe since kiss kiss bang bang. Whatever I am always in love with him. Then I went out for drinks that night with my long lost girlie Danielle. Oh get this my home town is wet now. Rockwall was a dry county the entire time i lived in Texas. If i wanted to get a drink with friends it was either sit at a restaurant bar or go out of town. Well at least i have someplace to go when i am home from now on. While at the bar I ran into my childhood Buddie that i used to play GI JOE vs Barbie with. Barbie always won... she was taller and had larger pectoral muscles. So far this week i had not gotten much sleep and things didn't get better. I drove down to Corsicana Saturday at noon to go to my bro in laws wedding. It was awesome, especially when a 70 ft tree fell on a the we were at right before the bride walked down the aisle. Yeah, that happened. Drinking ensued party was fun blah blah then off to Austin the next morning. Had Lunch with my life partner Amanda and her Hubby Ben. MMMM TRUDY'S. And then the highlight of my trip. I met and held and squeezed the bestest baby i have ever met, my nephew, Kalen Johnston Farley. He is the love of my life right now. I miss my sister so much and i barely got to see her. She had to sleep pretty early on Sunday due to work on Monday so i went to grab a beer at dog and duck with jon, boyd and josh. Then she worked all day monday. I only got to see her for about 5 minutes before i had to drive back to Dallas. When Jon and I were driving away I literally started crying. I am not a crier really so this was odd for me. It just sucks that she is so far away. And that her beautiful baby boy will grow up so much in the months that will pass before i get to see him again. boooo. Other than that emotional realization and breakdown, the trip was great. Once again not really a vacation as much as a run around and try to fit in as much family and friend time as possible and not really sleep week, but it was well worth it. I am sleeping all day tomorrow.