Friday, April 18, 2008


So I realize that that last post had a lot of hatred in it. I am not always that negative. Well a lot of the time yes but just to prove I can be a happy person i will make a list of things i like. Maybe I am in a better mood today because I went down to the SAG office today for step two in becoming a member which is handing in proof of work documents. Then I got the good ol roots done. Then I got to watch the Eli Stone episode I missed last night and go on a bike ride. So here is a happy list!

I love....

-hot baths
-boba... seriously those tapioca balls are awesome
-billy joel, scenes from an Italian restaurant is the best song ever written
-green things
-gummi bears
-blankets, i love blankets
-foot rubs, there is something seriously sublime about having my feet squeezed
-boys with accents, they are just cute
-girls with accents..mainly jordana
-camping... i like having an excuse to be dirty
-mini coopers they are just rad
-honey suckle and wisteria those are the best smells ever
-singing in the car at the top of my lungs
-making up conversations for people sitting near me... my version is more interesting than theirs i am sure
-looking up real estate and pretending i have the money to buy a house
-Oahu...i would live there if jon weren't so anti island
- sea turtles

i end it there before i list puppies, kittens, and unicorns and turn into a 7 year old girl wearing pig tails

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