Thursday, August 28, 2008

Magic Money

So yeah Jillian went "Hollywood" and got a personal trainer! Apparently she also now speaks of herself in the third person.
Really, I always looked at people with personal trainers and thought 'wow i wish i had that much money'. But now I have a personal trainer and I sill don't have any money. I am using Magic money to pay for him. You see it is this little plastic rectangle owned by a company that is more than willing to give me oodles of money and all i have to do is pay like twice back later! YAY! I keep telling myself it will be worth it. It will be worth the soreness, it will be worth giving up my favorite pastime of drinking, it will be worth not having mexican food, it will be worth it because i will be smokin hot. Yeah, well i best start seeing some sort of results soon, cause i know myself and how easily i give up on things. Johnny, yep that's the trainer's name, had me take some before pictures of myself last night even though he has been working with me for a week already. Now i know i got a trainer because i have been unhappy with myself for about two years now, but i guess i didn't expect the pictures to look as bad as they did. I kinda just want to wear work out clothes everywhere because at least this way it is a sign to the world like "see i am working on it... i promise". This whole experience has been a bit of a downer and kinda surreal. I mean when i first met the trainer i did something that i never do. I cried in front of a stranger. I was just talking about what i want to fix about myself and there went the water works as soon as i mentioned my legs and how i find them disgusting. What the hell kind of turn did my hormones take when i turned 26 because i have been such a little girl for the past few months. But that aside.... i have 7 more training sessions and 3 and a 1/2 more weeks to go, and it better be worth every cent of my magic money.

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A-Bla said...

So tell me, Hollywood, how's the training?