Thursday, April 10, 2008


So as most know i have been working my little tail off for the better part of this past year trying to get my vouchers. And alas it has happened. I got the first in November playing Nick Nolte's date to the Oscars in the soon to be released Tropic Thunder. Then I got my second on the untitled Paramount feature that I am too paranoid to name here about 3 weeks ago. And last evening I walked away from the set of ABC Family's Greek with my third and final needed voucher. All I had to do was play a huge hoe bag from Texas. Man are all the Aggies out there gonna be pissed. It was and interesting night. First they told us to dress sexy, country, trendy, but not slutty. Then we get there and the production assistant had communicated it all wrong. We were supposed to be uuber skanks! I wore a red, lycra, very clingy everywhere it shouldn't be dress with cowboy boots.... my outfit was the most tame. And thats right Aggies... red not maroon... RED! But whatever I would have worn a burlap sack for that glorious sheet of paper. So I should be getting my pay stub around Tuesday and then I am marching my butt down to the SAG offices to sign over my first born. Well not really but it feels that way considering dues are almost 2500 dollars these days. Anyone want to make a donation?


Keely said...

Congrats Jilli, all the hardwork has been worth it! You rock! By the way I am very much enjoying keeping up on your adventures through your blog. It makes my days behind a desk a little more cheery. Keep it up lady!

Robert Dierx said...

Congratulations Jilli!!!! I am so excited for you! I have a blog thingie too! Check it out!!