Wednesday, April 30, 2008

YEE HAW or something like that

So tomorrow morning around 9 am Jon and I head toward the airport to fly to Dallas. Jon's eldest bro is getting married this weekend and it has given us a perfect excuse to spend money we really don't have and go back to texas. I will be spending my first 48 hours there soaking up as much mommy daddy time as possible. I haven't seen them since Christmas and I probably won't again until the next Christmas. And of course in the agenda is a trip to see IRON MAN with my dear old pops. He and I kinda have a thing for the superhero film. Then I drive down and meet up with Jon and his family for the wedding in Corsicana. After one night of wedding fun there I am finally going to meet the apple of my sister's eye, her now about 3 month old baby boy Kalen. I am so ready to spoil this kid rotten and squeeze him till he pops. I cant believe I have yet to hold him. I will be babysitting the little guy all day Monday while my sis is at work, then they are going to have to pry him out of my arms so that i can drive back to dallas and fly to LA. So i doubt that there will really be much relaxing happening this week, but it is much needed family time and time away from the hustle and hurry up and wait of LA. So i leave you with a happy list of all the things I iss about texas... mostly austin!

I MISS....
-My family
-Queso, real queso not this queso blanco or that watered down version you find on rare occasion in LA
-humidity, i enjoy being able to drink the air
-how hot your car gets in the minutes it takes you to run into the store for an errand
-the sound of locust
-going for a walk and loosing 5 lbs from sweating
-barton springs
-the smell of wisteria when you walk through the UT campus
-movies that cost 6 dollars
-dollar pints of lonestar
-tex mex
-quarry lake
-how you can leave your windows open and not get an inch of black dust on everything
-real estate prices
-marble falls
-ben the man who cuts my hair for 15 dollars
-jogging around town lake
-water that isn't toxic
-restaurants that actually have dr. pepper
-not having someone ask me where i am from is i happen to say y'all
-hot summer nights
.... and there is so much more i will be reminded of when i get there i am sure


Anonymous said...

when do y'all get into Austin? i fly out tomorrow at 10:15 and i'm there until the 12th so let me know if y'all want to go grab some drinks or queso or something. :)

A-Bla said...

um, how am I not on the list or the description of things you love in Austin?? AND how do I NOT know about the guy who gives $15 haircuts??? seriously.

I LOVE YOU and it was so great to see ya'll!!!