Monday, November 9, 2009

A year since my last post. wow... really? Is my life this unextraordinary? (And yes i am aware that isn't a word). I don't believe anyone actually even reads this. My husband hasn't written in his blog in over a year either. Amanda... you may be my only hope of an audience. So i suppose i treat it as a journal?
This year as quickly as it has passed has been very full. Here is my YEAR IN REVIEW!
JANUARY! - Karie's birthday and me studying for my personal trainer certification. Also we went back to Austin for Jon and Kyla's wedding
FEBRUARY!- I signed with a new agency Daniel Hoff in February and spent a lot of time meeting with him and getting the ball rolling so i could start the audition process
MARCH!- booked my 3rd audition Danny sent me on. I am now totally famous! Arizona.... It was a lotto commercial. I also that same month began being a personal trainer at the 24hr fitness in Hollywood. I dove head first into this job and burnt out very quickly.
APRIL! - My birthday, we had a party at the house
MAY! - We were unable to go back to TX for Ben's wedding. Both of us were very saddened by this
JUNE!- I finished filming the horror movie"The Devil You Know" Super indie project with super NO pay. Deferred... meaning if the movie makes money... then i make money. Guess what! I won't be making money.
JULY!- I booked my first feature "EASY A" it stars Emma Stone. i only had like 2 lines, but it was very fun. Cousin Mike was the DP... so nepotism may have played a part in my getting in the audition room. Sadly before i went in to film I had to go back to TX. Grandmother Nell passed away and while I was back Grandaddy Nell passed as well. We ended up having a combined service. Looking back it truly was the ultimate romantic gesture. The day after i returned to CA I drove to Ojai to film for the day. I was on set until 1 am then had to wake up and leave the hotel to drive back to LA for an audition the next day. Which takes us to...
AUGUST!- I booked the audition. It was for Axe and Walmart... a lame us but completely amusing video game on their website. I also booked a Verizon Print add that Month and Jon and I moved into a new place in Hollywood just a mile from the gym. The 1st of this month i also had a sprained ankle which held me back at work quite a bit... so thank god i booked those jobs. We had Jon's bday party at the new place and had a really great time.
SEPTEMBER!- I booked a national commercial for Bud Light Golden Wheat. It was a lot of fun to film and it is already airing. I hope to be getting a residual check very soon.
OCTOBER! - This month was filled with a lot of fun. Halloween of course was a 2 week ordeal
NOVEMBER---- SO here we are. it is almost the end of the year and it feels like it just began. Although looking back i have come miles since the beginning on the yr. I have gotten close with many new unexpected people and couldn't be more thankful. I am currently picking up a lot of business at the gym and also diving into classes and getting representation.
Only one month left in the year. We will be going home for christmas and I can't wait to see the family!

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A.B. said...

am I so predictable??? LOVE YOU. and your life.